10 Roots White Carolina Pineberry Plants – Bareroot-Pineapple/Strawberry Flavor

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An unusual, hard-to-find strawberry. Plants are vigorous and send out numerous runners. Berries are white, ornately speckled with red seeds, and are a bit bigger than other pineberry varieties. Aroma is outstanding and the pineapple flavor is pleasant and mild. Protect from direct hot sun to keep fruits from developing more pinkish hues.

4 reviews for 10 Roots White Carolina Pineberry Plants – Bareroot-Pineapple/Strawberry Flavor

  1. Tara P

    Bare roots came well packaged with strong roots. I soaked them and planted them immediately. In a few days these little plants are now erect and thriving. Since it’s still a bit chilly, I have them inside on an auto-watering system. I placed them on a towel over a heat mat under lamp with daylight bulb. They have resonded quite well. But the roots were so healthy &robust to start. Very pleased with my purchased. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Thank you!!

  2. Sean

    Received 11 bare root White Carolina Pineberry strawberries instead of 10. They were dry with no moisture. I soaked them in tap water for 30 minutes and planted them in 3” pots. Kept them under grow lights in the basement. Signs of life were apparent in 24 hours. In 1 week, all plants have leaves and are healthy! 100% success! Won’t be able to harvest until next year, but the product so far matches the description and met my expectations. Speedy shipping and good to work with. Will buy from them in the future!

  3. Jeannette Schultz

    These were amazing! arrived quickly, and in the middle of winter like this I expected full dormancy, but when I opened the package you could see they are already starting to pop out some leaves. I got them into dirt within two days, and they’ve already obviously grown bigger. the order was for 10, I recieved 11, although two of them look like they’re not going to make it. incredibly happy!

  4. Cheyenne

    Fast shipping! I purchased a pack of 10 White Carolina Pineberry bare roots.
    I received 11 in the package! All of the route systems looked very healthy. And a few of them had actually already started to grow and had a nice little stocks with green leaves!
    They even came with a little planting care guide! Already made my 2nd purchase from this shop!!

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