4 Plants 2.5″ Pots Alpine Everbearing Alexandria Strawberry – Fragaria

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4 Plants 2.5″ Pots Alexandria is one of the most productive alpine strawberry varieties. The compact, heavy blooming, runnerless perennial plants produce large amounts of fragrant and tasty strawberries continuously from spring through fall. Will often naturalize in partly shaded well watered areas of your garden. Very simple to grow, easy to maintain, and quick to harvest. May be planted indoors, outdoors, or in containers. Grows best in USDA Zones 3a to 8b. Immediate shipping in 2 1/2″ pots – 4 plants

4 reviews for 4 Plants 2.5″ Pots Alpine Everbearing Alexandria Strawberry – Fragaria

  1. rebecca6362

    So far so good. All arrived, all have survived a week planted. Will update when fruiting. Edit: all four plugs took. Waiting for flowering.

  2. Alex B

    After getting some sunlight, the strawberries are looking great and growing quickly! Great packaging, no damages at all

  3. Suzette Simmonds

    My strawberries arrived quickly and were in great condition. I put off planting them for three or four days, and they held up well with careful watering and placement to balance sun and shade. I put them in pots six days ago, and they are already taking off! We are impressed! Can’t wait to taste those berries!

  4. Renee Chen

    Quick to pack and ship. It was so wonderfully and carefully packaged. I was cursing at the efforts to unpack the strawberries (this is a good thing because it was very well packed and cushioned). The plants were amazing quality…more so than local nurseries (and I live in a place with plenty of nurseries!)

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