plant 5-7 inches- Adenium Desert Rose Black Knight House Plant Bonsai





  • DESERT ROSE BLACK KNIGHT – Desert Rose is a plant that produces abundant of trumpet-shaped flowers in different shades. It can be in pink, rose, white and yellow. Can be grown indoor or outdoor. A Beauty Plant that will definitely add a touch to your garden extracting a lively vibrant color. Flowers are estimated to grow up to 2-3 inches in diameter and can be single, double, or even triple.
  • GROWING DESERT ROSE PLANT – a tough flowering plant that doesn’t require much attention. One of those easy growing plant. Place your Desert Rose Plant in a place where it can catch full sunlight. Water when the soil is already dry but reduce watering when winter season arrives, keep hydrated enough for it to live. Keep your plant in at least 50F at all times, is it ideal to plant your Desert Rose in a pot for you to be able to move it as an indoor plant in winter season.
  • TAKING CARE OF DESERT ROSE – Desert Rose Plants attracts several pests. These includes mealybug. If you see this insects you can destroy and remove each of them by just simply touching them with a cotton swap dipped in rubbing alcohol. There are also insects that not that visible but creates a web like covering on leaves and buds. If you think that your Desert Plant is having a mild problem with these insects what you can do is use a strong jet of water to remove the pests.
  • PRUNING – In order to maintain your Desert Rose, pruning will be needed. You can start by cutting off those cold-damaged portions of your plant in late winter or in spring time once you notice new growth has emerged. Pruning before expected flowering of the plant encourages resulting in abundant flower blossom.
  • – Adenium Desert Rose Black Knight that you will be receiving in your purchase is a live Bonsai plant. Proudly Homegrown by

Details: plant 5-7 inches tall that is well-rooted in a 4 inch pot similar to the one in the second photo. will ship without soil and pot. The diameter of this plant caudexes is about 4-6cm (sometimes it has multiple branches) .and should be planted soon upon arrival .


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