Air Plant Live Plant Ornament Decor





  • AIR PLANTS – Air plants is a famous flowering home plant decor because it doesn’t requires much attention in growing. Unfortunately, air plants only bloom flowers once in their life time. Native in the forests, mountains and deserts normally found in Central and South America.
  • GROWING AN AIRPLANT – Air Plant, actually don’t need soil to grow. But, even they don’t require soil for their growth they will still need water, water your airplant every three to four weeks and soak it in a room temperature tap water, rain water or pond water. Let the water soak for 20-30 mins and carefully shake excess water from your plant. Placed it upside down on a a towel and place in a bright location
  • TAKING CARE OF AIR PLANTS – You can hang your airplant in a place where it can absorb light 12 hrs per day, not directly lighted by the sun. Water your airplant as mentioned above but less often in a cool or winter season. Enough light and air circulation is required for your air plants to grow.
  • TRIMMING AIR PLANT – Like other plants, air plants also requires trimming as it grows new leaves and loose some. You can use scissors in removing brown or dead leaf.
  • Offers Live Plants – actual sizes and shape varies from pictures shown.

Details: There are around 650 species of evergreen flowering plants in the family of Bromeliaceae. One of those 650 species, Tillandsia or AIR PLANTS is a genus. Natively found in the forests, mountains and deserts of South and Central America. Naturally growing in diverse areas and environments such as tropical rain forests and high elevated mountains. Air plant species are found growing in tree limbs and don’t need soil to grow. Typically, the thinner-leafed air plants grow in rainy and wet areas while the thick-leafed ones grow in drought and dry place. Air plant gets the nutrients that they need to grow through there leaves from rain, dew, dust, decaying leaves and insect matter. A beautiful hanging indoor plant that enhances the architectural design of your home.


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