Lily Dache Epiphyllum


You will receive 1 cutting about 6-8″ long like this

It’s really easy to root. For rooting and care instructions, please click here.


Epiphyllum Hybrid ‘LILY DACHE’ Has a Large bloom with pink and a white mid-stripe. Outer petals are pink-yellow. Stamens cascade style white, overlapping, cup shaped form, thick flat and triangular growth. A cross of ‘Marie Frances’ (Blazon x ‘Pink Jeroma’)- an unnamed seedling. Hybridized by Don Patterson. Reg. # 11058

Notes; Strong grower with majority of growth being thick 3-angled growth, adapts to growing in a hanging basket well once stems gain length and become pendant. Also looks impressive trellised when in bloom. Good bloomer. Colors can vary with yellow stripping melding to an antique white or light brown depending on fertilizer and light given. Grown in more shade you will tend to have darker pink coloration. ‘Lily Dache’ is also one of the parents of Vanilla Sunset


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